HZL – Chanderiya ZLD Plant


Our Customer, M/s. Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL), the largest zinc producer in India, encountered a significant challenge in the Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant. The issue revolved around excessive steam venting from the Flash Tank, which is located above the plant entrance and salt loading area. The automatic opening of the vent, essential for the plant's processes, led to loud noise and safety hazards. The noisy operation not only caused disturbance but also posed risks due to the release.

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The main challenges faced by HZL were the noise generated by the steam vent on the Flash Tank, coupled
with safety concerns arising from the automatic opening of the vent. The location of the vent, above the plant
entrance and salt loading area, amplified the issue, creating a potential safety hazard for workers in the


To address these challenges, a solution was implemented that involved relocating the vent pipe to a corner,
away from the areas where people work. Additionally, a silencer was added to the end of the vent pipe to
mitigate the loud noise associated with the steam release. Importantly, these modifications were made without
introducing any back pressure into the system, ensuring the smooth functioning of the ZLD plant.





The implementation ofthese solutions resulted in several significant benefits for HZL:
Noise Reduction: The relocation of the vent pipe and the addition of a silencer led to an impressive
80% reduction in noise levels. This not only improved the working environment for employees but also
contributed to overall plant efficiency.

  1. No Back Pressure: The modifications made to the venting system ensured that there was no back
    pressure in the vapor compressor. This is crucial for maintaining the optimal functioning of the ZLD
    plant, preventing any adverse effects on equipment and processes.
  2. Safety Improvement: By preventing the release of hot condensate droplets in areas where workers
    operate, the risk of safety hazards associated with steam venting was effectively mitigated. The
    relocation and silencing measures contributed to a safer working environmentfor plant personnel.
  3. In summary, the solution implemented for Hindustan Zinc Limited successfully addressed the challenges
    posed by excess steam venting in the ZLD plant, resulting in a quieter and safer operational environment
    without introducing any adverse effects on the system’s performance.