Effluent Water Treatment

Effluent Water Treatment


Water and Waste Water Treatment for Effective Solid-Liquid Separation.

A wide range of Non Ionic/Cationic/Anionic, medium and high molecular weight polymers are available for use in waste water treatment, coagulation and flocculation to separate suspended solids from water. Wex long-chain polymer flocculants, such as modified Polyacrylamide, are supplied in dry, liquid or emulsion form for use in the flocculation process.


Specialty Polymer For Separation Of Oil In Water Emulsions.

Wex Deoiler chemicals are applied dependant on whether water is discharged directly overboard or whether the produced water is collected in slop tanks prior to discharge.


Specialty Polymers for the Removal of Coloring Matter from Effluents.

Often treatment of the effluent streams requires removal of coloring material from the water prior to discharge. Colored water is highly objectionable and impairs down-stream use. However, certain chemicals that colour water are in true solution and are more difficult to remove. Wex colour removal polymers are effective in removing such coloring matters from effluents.