Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment

Boilers are prone to scale formation and corrosion if the feed water is not properly conditioned or treated.


Minute hardness levels in the boiler feed water are concentrated manifold in the boiler drum depending on the operational COC, leading to scale and deposit formation.

Wex scale inhibitors conditions these deposits and keeps the sludge in suspension which is removed during normal blowdown preventing deposit build up in the boiler internals.

Wex coordinated / congruent treatment a program provides excellent control over phosphate hide out while maintaining a Na: PO4 ratio between 2.3 to 2.8.


Corrosion of boiler steel is also a function of pH and pH values ideally should fall within a general range of 9.0 to 10.0. Corrosion in boiler and condensate lines are primarily due to dissolved gases like carbon dioxide and dissolved oxygen. Wex offers a range of corrosion inhibitors that include oxygen scavengers and neutralizing/filming amines to afford excellent corrosion protection throughout the entire boiler system.

The All Volatile Treatment (AVT) programme uses only volatile organic amines or polyamines such as ammonia and hydrazine, and thus no solids are added.  This is mandatory in once-through steam generators.

Disadvantages of AVT for drum-type boilers are that the boiler water is un-buffered and thus subject to extensive and rapid pH excursions in the event of feed water contamination.  There is no tolerance for contaminated condensate unless condensate polishing is provided.

Wex also offers:

  • Single drum corrosion, pH and scale control products for LP boilers.
  • Special multifunctional tannin blends for LP and MP boilers.
  • Non toxic, non carcinogenic oxygen scavengers.
  • Near end and Far end steam and condensate corrosion protection.
  • Offline and Online cleaning products.